Friday, July 27, 2012

One week holiday...

Just off on a one week holiday, away from any computers!!!
So no posts for a week. You can relax.
'Man by a tree' is back on, even better than before, I think the new beginning helps a lot, perhaps I should try those few publishers allowing submissions again...
The Kindle version will be available again in a few hours, plus I'll have to update 'The Trilogy'...when I get back.
So, for all (all???) those who read my post, see you again in a week or so (unless something big happens), have fun, and above all, don't read any Grisham, okay? Bad for your creativity.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally! Someone figured it out!

You know, the 1st part of 'Man by a tree' has been re-written so many times, I've lost count. It always felt heavy, but I didn't know why. The 7th review on YWO told me: 3 POVs in 300 words. I just didn't see it, I was too close to it! So I changed it, it's all Kailen's POV now, plus I changed the 1st paragraph in the 2nd as it was more 'tell' than 'show'. The book is now going through the renewal process, it'll be ready again in a few days. Not like there's a rush or anything...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Unique post

...'How to build a castle in 7 easy steps' is here!
Get your copy now!

Yes! Another Update: This post is THE BIGGEST! More people have seen this post than had 'pig's cheese' on a 2nd Wednesday in a month of Sundays!
Okay, as of 17 January 2014...
'Dani's Shorts' and 'TDX2' are still available FREE here...(both with over 200 downloads)
All my other books are on Amazon :-)
Please review wherever you can :-)...nice ones, of course, I'm trying to get out of my life in obscurity.

There doesn't seem to be anything original out there, all clones or clones of clones.
And Booker said there were only 7 basic plots. And he's right.
I just read a few pages of a cloner, Amazon Kindle rating 21,000 or something, way above me, I'm in the millions, and it was shit. The writer knew nothing about deep POV, with repetitive grammatical structures and piss-weak dialogue...but he sells books! Because it's about vampires. (I've made 2 references of vampires in my latest, 'Manna-X', but they exist in my new one 'How to' - coming soon!)

My first book was just to see if I could put it all together..."Man by a tree". It worked. Then I remembered my dream of writing a Jesus story..."Bethlehem Fiasco". Then I wanted to say something about civilisation and which one is the best? Atlantis..."Rage of Atlantis". And now "Manna-X"...

But you know what? Everyone who's read my books from cover to cover say they are 'unique', some even think they are original, which I doubt.
Originality was dead well before Shakespeare (who incidently borrowed from others).
For myself, uniqueness is the one to go for. And the search for the perfect sentence. Still not many sales, though :-( A few in November, December, and also January, the year starts well...

6th review of 'Man by a tree' YWO

Here's my 6th review of 'Man by a tree' on I've realised that it's like a French comedy, it starts off slowly, no one knows where it's going, then something happens out of the oridinary, and the story runs off at such a peace you don't know where you are!
Anyway, here's the review, the guy gave me: 44443432...yes, 2 for themes and ideas! ridiculous! Do you know how many themes and ideas there are in 'Man by a tree'? Hundreds!! Anyway...

"As a read I found it enjoyable and I smiled several times, I think that is one of your strong points so keep writing in a similar vein as comedy is definitely the hardest genre to master.
I wonder if this would be more suited as a short story? part of a collection of fantasies - but thats just my personal thought.
There are obviously a lot of future events to develop, such as what did Kailen type, what will happen to the musician etc and it's always difficult given the word allowance to showcase a story. But there is enough going on to keep the reader's attention
Mostly 4's and good luck with the book sales !"

Was at No.14!! Missed out on the Top 10 :-(

Just received a poor review on on 'Bethlehem Fiasco'. How do I feel? I felt bad until I read some of this guy's work. Then I realised that he can't write. Unfortunately I had to use my 'Remove review' option on this person rather than help to get the book into the Top 10 by removing the lowest of my real good reviews. It was sitting at No.14, in the top 20 books on the site until his review. My other books are sitting at No.23 and No.24, which means they're in the Top 100 books ATM. I had a chance to get into the Top 10 with 'Bethlehem Fiasco' by the end of the month and now that's gone because of this...person, who gave me 33333332. There's always someone who spoils the party. Maybe he is religious...

Monday, July 23, 2012

6th review of 'Rage' from

Here's the 6th review of  'Rage of Atlantis'. The 5th review was the lowest rating, so that'll have to go once I've got a few more...

"A lot of fun with serious undertones
In general – This is very well written. The pace is fast and keeps going. Clues are dropped subtly at exactly the right moment and that make it compelling to read on. I love the quirkiness. God’s assistant is Audrey. Great.
Beginning “hook” – The beginning is really exciting and gives the reader a lot of tantalising information. I must know more.
Story – I could keep the groups of characters apart and follow and become excited by the subplots. One missing element was who or what the “souls” are. I can project my idea, but I felt an emptiness of hints and clues.
Showing and telling – The story is shown very vividly. Again, good writing.
Character – I like the variety of names. Greekish names for one group; God and his crew another; Kang Dee is different again in what it evokes (and her kids are so funny). The groups are distinguished well, which is an achievement. I am unconvinced by dolphins being involved in the way you say because of my stereotype of dolphins. I am more engaged with the story than the characters. I haven’t specially connected to any of them and I miss that.
Setting –I wanted more colour, feeling, smell. This is the only area I can suggest development. I didn’t need a lot. After I’d read the text I realised I couldn’t “see” it.
Scenes – Again, really good. Concise. Each moved the story along. This is an achievement.
Dialogue – Good. Serves the story and the characterisation really well.
Language – Good and serves its purpose. Two speeches felt long: Oediouspelus and Kailen’s tirades. Perhaps I miss a certain richness of metaphors and similes – and perhaps they are not part of what you are writing which is more about action. (I hope this vagueness is a little bit helpful.)
I deeply wish you well with this."

That '2 star' from the 5th...%/?+*!

Story (plot)
Pace & structure
Use of language
Narrative Voice
Themes & ideas

Sunday, July 22, 2012

'Bethlehem Fiasco' star ratings after 4 reviews

The star ratings of 'The Bethlehem Fiasco' on after 4 reviews (4.09). I have no idea why it shows 3 1/2 stars as the average, as there are seven 3's and ten 5's. Looks like people didn't like the settings but loved the story, themes & ideas, pace, etc.etc...and especially the dialogue. Yes, the dialogue is strong :-)
Funny, but the 1 reviewer who isn't afan of comedy gave 45455545 !

Story (plot)
Pace & structure
Use of language
Narrative Voice
Themes & ideas