Friday, July 6, 2012

2nd review of Book 3 on YouWriteOn + 1st reader review

Well, the 2nd review wasn't as great as the first, the reviewer wanting Part 1 simplified, and wanting me to make it easier for the reader...I want the reader to think, not sleep.
Anyway, some good points...
"...there’s lots of really good content (ideas) here. Great dialogue too."
"Your writing is good."
But that's it really.
My first chapters are parodies of other writers, this one is Dan Brown. No one gets it.
I say, read the whole book, just enjoy it and all the great ideas embedded in it.
My first reader of Book 3 is halfway through and they LOVE IT...
"I've started reading your latest book, in fact I'm about half way through - have to keep reading it because I want to see Oediouspelus & Plagamus get their comeuppance. Liked the new department name  - initials IDIOTIC. Can see plenty of digs at modern day politics. A good read."
There ya go, a much better review at the 30,000 words mark than 5,000!

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