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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Keep on plugging

Well, with about 12 views per post on average, but only a few interested parties recently, it seems this blog of creativity is coming to an end.
I've written 3 fiction books, all have great reviews but no editor will pick them up. The publishing houses which are open for submissions are not worth trying, and the 'real' publishing houses can't even guarantee if anyone will look at your book if they were open for submissions.
My friends and acquaintances have been supportive, buying or reading my books, and I've even sold a few books to strangers.
My next step is to be seems to be like any other 'author/reader' website, with a hitch, I've got 4 reviews, but I need 8 to get rated to try for the Top 5. Reviewing other works by other 'authors', one or two are good, some are okay, but most aren't worth the space they take up on the server.
Still waiting for my 5th review...anyway, IF I get in the Top 5 (which I doubt), then I get reviewed by a BIG editor. Maybe it might help to get some recognition, which is what I need to get my books read!

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