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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Competitions's all gone a bit quiet...
Had a look at the writing competitions available, with free entry, of course. There are quite a few, and I entered 2 tonight, 1 was the Six-word-story, the other the LAA 100 word story.
Hemingway wrote the first 6-worder to win a bet (For sale: baby shoes, never worn). Mine aren't Hemingway, but I had a go. The 100 word story is called "Girl from the East Country", the title is a spin of JJ Burnel's 'Girl from the Snow Country', a great piece of music (forgetting the drums, JJ, why don't you re-do it?)
And there's a few biggies I'll have to write for, the 1st being the Costa Book Awards (7th September deadline) and the 2nd the Shortsentence (end of August). And of course, I can enter the Hubbard with a short piece based on my fantasy universe. So, head down, and write.
Competition: First one to contact me on my website ( and give me their address will receive a signed copy of 'Man by a tree' (original version).

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