Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Novelette + reviews

Received a few reviews in the last couple of days on Here are the good bits...
'Man by a tree'
Cute start to the story, and good description of the hobgoblin soaring through the city and onto a pigeon’s back. Like the cosmonauts – kinda reminds me of when the jet pilots saw superman and he waved. It’s hard not to continue on to chapter 2, you just gotta find out what day 2 is like.

'Rage of Atlantis'
Funny end to a short, action packed start. Can’t imagine where the story’s going. Your writing is so compact and the ideas so strange that it does take a couple of reads to see all that’s going on. In this sense, it’s good that it’s a short chapter.

...another for 'Rage'...
Very short first chapter. For some reason I find the image of Telausis laying on the floor with the time bomb on him comical --- perhaps because it conjures up images of classic comedian death scenes, where they keep opening their eyes just *one more time.*

AND just finished the 1st write of the new novelette, just under 12,000 words, well within the limit for the Sci-fi / Fantasy competition. I'll let it sit for a day, and then I'll read it through. It's the first single POV I've ever done, really.

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