Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 2 - Population Project Centre

Second part...the Population Project Centre...very similar to Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World', really. Two Directors, Dreus and Creus, twins from the same tube, are in charge of keeping control of the population growth, and in which way it should continue in the future. Plagamus tries every year to enter the 'Project', but his DNA 'score' is the lowest on record. Dreus and Creus come from a long line of Directors/Scientists who know the ultimate truth - that there is a power higher than humanity, living in a place different to physical reality. These Directors have the responsibility of keeping the population's DNA 'good' for the vehicles used by the souls for the experience of physical reality. They also know that dolpin DNA was mixed with 'monkey' DNA millions of years ago to keep the intelligence within the human race, as it was almost bred out by those monkeys who thought beauty, selfishness, strength and being No.1 were the only things needed to live. I could go on...they 'grow' humans in the Population Project Centre according to instructions from 'above'.

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