Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 5 - Euristhos, Euryales and Iolus

Japan and Sri Lanka, Hello! Japan is definitely a new hit :-)
Euristhos, Euryales and Iolus - the fallguys.
There has to be someone to do the dirty work, there has to be someone who you can rely on to be stupid.
Iolus is the boss, he gets his orders from Plagamus and does as he's told, hoping in the end for some glory and profit.
Euristhos and Euryales are the stupid twins. Euryalesis the stupidest, there's even a scene where his head is so empty that the music from his walkman is louder in a room when he's wearing it...the empty space amplifies the sound.
In 'Man by a tree', it was the two following hobgoblins, Sniff and Grint. In 'Bethlehem Fiasco', it was the three thieves, and in 'Rage of Atlantis', it's these guys. Read what happens to them, they are a core to the whole action....they ARE the action.

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