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Monday, September 17, 2012

Guide to 'Rage' 4 - Kang Dee

Kang Dee is the sole 'alien' in the Atlantean society who has some power, due to her ancestral right of command over the Letherians (huge monsters of the sea). Her race, the dolphins, represent every type of prejudiced group which ever existed: skin colour, cultural difference, disability. Saying this, it is the dolphin race who not only holds the answer to humanity's problem (the lack of intelligence in human DNA) but they also survive the 'rage' of God to de-evolve into the lovable rogues we know today. I could go on about prejudice, etc. but hey, it's late.
It's really surprising who reads this blog. Not much interest, but what there is, is spread right across the globe :-) Thanks.
If you can, get a hold of 'Rage of Atlantis', you just might like it.

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