Friday, October 19, 2012

Recap of Books

Just finished a big essay...least I think it's finished, spent enough time on it.
Okay, so, to recap.
Book 1 - 'Man by a tree' - it's about death / life / immortality us humans think we have
Book 2 - 'The Bethlehem Fiasco' - it's about organisations which ask you to follow / the followers
Book 3 - 'The Rage of Atlantis' - it's about politics / prejudice / ignorance
There will soon also be a short book with 2 novelettes available...
Novelette 1 - TDX2 (Too Dull to Die) - a short adventure based on 'A Christmas Carol'
Novelette 2 - The Forgotten (work in progress) - internal monologue of a forgotten angel
Still got a few essays to write, though...

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