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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Respect to John Donne "Death be not Proud"

Just love John Donne, and I'd love to hear his stuff in Shakespeare's OP (Original Pronunciation)! Now that would be something, to finally get rid of the stuffy pompous Shakespeare actor 'recitals' of his work! Even those actors trying out the 'new' OP still stick too much to the past and speak in RP for half the performance. Go South-West!
'Man by a tree' is basically respect to John Donne. And Day 4 Part 12 is 'The Flea', have a read... :-)

I’m in love.”
What?” Sniff looked around the dull grey area and spotted the figure Grint had his eyes fixated on. That’s not love you’re feeling.”
Oh, she’s so beautiful.” Sniff tried to focus in on the immaculately dressed ghost standing behind the desk.
“Yes, she does have a certain classic look about her, doesn’t she?” He looked at his companion, then waved his hand in front of him to try and break the spell. Nothing doing. Grint gave a big sigh. Sniff took the time to survey this grey area.
“So this is the ‘inbetween’? Not much to it, thought it was meant to be wild, from all accounts. Not really happening for me.” Sniff took a perch on the sofa’s arm, followed by Grint. Sniff tried to break the spell again.
“Oh dear.” Sniff delved into Grint’s hair and picked out a flea. “This is the only way your blood will mix.” He flicked it in the general direction of the woman.
Ehh?” Grint momentarily came back to the unliving.
“I said…Oh, never mind. ‘Mark but this, and mark in this…” The woman made a sudden move, slamming her hand down on the desk, making both Sniff and Grint jump with a start. She scooped up something small with a sweep of her hand and made a popping sound between two fingernails.
Ah. Love denied, cruel and sudden.” Sniff expected Grint’s expression to change in light of this misfortune. It didn’t. There was still a dumb love in his eyes.
“I hope he’s not in there long, I don’t think I can take much more of this.” Sniff tried to make himself as comfortable as possible.
The woman behind the desk cleaned the flea off her nails with a tissue and placed it in the bin. She could definitely smell rotten fish.

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