Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

I've been wanting to try some 'stream of consciousness' for ages, though I had to do a bit of research. Have a read, the beginning of a short story...

what is that sound like some plane in the sky so blue yet those clouds moving so quick I see a dog last time I did this school where are they all now Gaz might be famous what have I done I done nothing I’m a waster wasted my life get up do something what’s the point a shark big teeth gone now wind’s picking up cold breeze from somewhere maybe it’s time zip up my coat where is she she said she’d come can’t trust any of ’em rest enjoy just relax when do I get the chance to do this coffee would be nice KFC past a KFC in the street can’t be bothered no money anyway work work and no money where does it what’s that noise a dolphin that’s a nice one oh look is that her no not her too tall walking away shit relax she said she would relax hungry cheese sandwich lasagne canteen bloody awful cold hard women in uniform not for me no old way too old yuck she’s the one I is that her could be hang on no damn sun’s out hot nice I’ll wait a little more no hurry might rain no it might rain then what umbrella damn had one left it at home shit why don’t I think she’s here wow looks good smiling that walk jesus that smile better get up no
“Hey.” her hair great smell I can smell her wow windy perfume strong warm face wow touch lips warm sweet she’s great longer hot so hot that smile kills her eyes so brown deep love clouds heart I see a heart a big heart she’s great
“What’ya doing?”
“Nothin’” cinema plaza streets pizza ground no not that plaza show her off jesus her face smooth to touch smile oh god kiss now yes plaza colours shops look in windows meet the lads show her off yes grab her come on hold her warm breeze cold on back take her there her hand’s so warm
“Where we going?”
“Come on.”

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