Friday, October 12, 2012


This word keeps popping up, yes, I write whimsically because if I write seriously, I'd just fall over laughing or break down crying. Who needs serious books when all you have to do is turn on the news and see all the stupid real happenings which us monkeys do to each other? You need an escape, and I hope my books can do that for ya.
Got a comment on authonomy for MBAT...
Excellent, diabolical, funny stuff! I love your imagery and the dark whimsy of your work. Nicely crafted and well polished. Six stars! Best of luck with this!
Yes, it's diabolical, I sometimes think of 'Carry on' movies when I'm writing, everyone loved them at one moment or another. The Black and White films were the best.
And I found out the other day that a 10 year old kid is reading my 3rd book 'Rage of Atlantis', he doesn't understand the politics but he loves Sipho's story. Hope he can finish, for the sake of Sipho :-)

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