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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sunset Limited

Been analysing the non-verbal communication between Jackson and Jones in 'The Sunset Limited'. I got to about the place when Jones lies down on a couch when I first tried to watch it, but I was listening to it as well as watching it - didn't like it. Many critics say it isn't McCarthy's best work, and it isn't, it's not as 'open' as his usual stuff, very dry. But this time I watched only the first 6 minutes or so, with the sound down, and Jackson and Jones do something else you can't see with sound. They're fighting, 'White' trying to beat 'Black' up, while 'Black' submitting to draw 'White' into his trap. Even after 6 minutes, Jones (White) has won, and if I watch more, I'll see him slowly beating Jackson up with non-verbal communication until Jackson's sitting there, dumbfounded at the end, 'punch-drunk'. 'Deep' dialogue isn't the winner here, it's the actors performances, they could have almost been speaking about anything, like one's a Pepsi drinker, the other's a Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola wins, of course :-)

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