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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Satan on the toilet (Rage of Atlantis)

The word 'toilet' appears 18 times in 'Rage', more than the word 'squirrel' (once).
Thought I'd just show the beginning of the 'row' between God and Satan here...(page 235)

“These monkeys have gone too far!” God had forgotten about someone. “Where’s Satan?”
“He said he had something important to do…”
“…I’ll give him ‘important’!” God made a call. “This is God. I need a code 365 on angel 666. Yes, code 365.” God listened for a while. “Yes, I know it’ll cost. Yes, a lot! I know I can’t ask for another until the next installment! Just do it!” He put the communicator down and they all waited. Gabriel and Audrey didn’t know what they were waiting for. Suddenly there was a small explosion and a cloud of smoke over to the right. When the smoke settled, a bemused Satan was sitting on a toilet, reading a comic.
“Err, hello?” He closed the comic and tried to look as relaxed as you could while sitting on a toilet in front of three people. 
“Hello, Satan. Long time, no see.”
“I’m sure there could have been a better time for this.” Satan showed that he was on the toilet.
“What are you doing?”
“A number two.” Gabriel and Audrey could sense it, and waved the air around.

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