Saturday, November 17, 2012

Just an observation...

A few months ago, at one of the thousands of festivals and celebration days in the summer, I had to wait while my daughters finished whatever craftwork they were doing at the time. While I was there, everyone heard a conversation between a couple and a woman with two children. The woman had no partner and the couple were trying to matchmake her to a friend of theirs. It was clear after 10 minutes that this guy they were describing was a self-centred, fat, balding git with a hint of paedophilia/bisexiality with his too-frequent trips to Bangkok and other dodgy Asian cities. The woman was umming and erring until they mentioned his quite 'handsome' salary. She took his number. This conversation is going in 'The Puncher', the story of some crazed idiot, roaming the streets.

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