Sunday, November 18, 2012

Reality is more unbelievable than fiction

True story: An acquaintance rented his flat out, the tenants didn't pay for months, they didn't pay anything. After trying to get his money, he finally changes the locks and takes back his flat. What happens?
The police arrest him and he gets 1/2 a day in jail, and if he tries it again, he could get 3 years.
In Hungary, the law is on the side of the tenant, no matter if they're in the wrong.
He has to go through the courts to get them out and that'll take a year or more. And that might not even work.
Video: starts at 11:45 (in Hungarian)

Speeding: I never drive over the speed limit, though I see tons of idiots breaking all the rules they can in this busy city every day and yet not get caught. I was on a quiet empty straight country road, tired and following another car, only to realise after 10 seconds that I was breaking the speed limit, so I slowed down  - after 10 seconds of 'speeding'. Guess who got fined?
The injustice in this country is unbelievable.

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