Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pet hates

Someone gave me a short interview the other, it wasn't book related, unfortunately.
They didn't ask me the one question I wanted to ask...what are my pet hates?
Exactly. Pets, or rather people with pets. Enslaved creatures taken out of their natural environments, bred to fit our lives, to give us pleasure and joy for our own selfish needs.
Yes, okay, I have fish, but what my partner didn't realise when I said I'd like an aquarium is that I meant one without fish, just a nice colourful waterworld with bubbles...and no fish. So I feed them once a day, clean them out every so, do fish poo...and see if they live. Some prosper, some die.
But dog owners...I'll leave that for another post, I might even write an esay on it.

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