Monday, December 31, 2012

Finally, the 4th book!

After 'Rage', my writings gone all over the place, writing short stories, a few poems, some ideas here and there, and 2 novellas, 'Too Dull to Die' and 'Sicknotized'.
Now a few of those ideas keep popping up and now I've got the seed of my 4th book. But what to call it?
The final inspiration came when I was listening to the Stranglers' 'Gospel According to the Men in Black'.
It'll be based on that, that's all I can say at the moment. Maybe I'll call it 'The Manna Machine', though there is alreadyy a book with that title :-(
There's a female character, 4 'strange' men (from another planet), and of course the 'evil' counterparts. The story will revolve around the Manna Machine. There is some stuff on wiki about it, but my Manna Machine is slightly different :-)~ So, watch this space :-)

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