Monday, December 31, 2012

Support an author, buy their books!

I was thinking again (oh no). All those books I bought, all those books from the bookshops and internet and Kindle (buy? Ha! Aren't they all free up to 7 days?). I was not only looking for some 'entertainment' but also 'supporting' the authors and the publishing houses. Yes, I've bought Dan Brown books! It's me that is to blame for publishing houses looking for crap to publish, it's my fault that 100s of thousands of potential authors clone Brown's and Grisham's books, desperately trying to get published. It's my fault as a reader that the publishing houses keep the literacy level low! And now that I have no money, I can't go and buy those books which could change the shape of the future literacy market and bring a capital 'L' back into literature. The rot will continue without me!
So, support this author, this author who's trying desperately to increase the literacy level of readers, and get a book!
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