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Thursday, December 27, 2012

'Man by a Tree' Chapter 7 snippet

The first mention of Sniff and Grint, the two dumb hobgoblins orderedto follow Graham Reader around...

“Let’s eat,” said Sniff, eating kept his mind off his nose. They both took out some sandwiches and ate. Grint took out his flask and poured himself a cup of hot fairy tea. He held the cup for a few moments, mesmorised by the action below in the church, or maybe his brain had just stopped, that was more probable. He burnt his hand.
“Oww! It’s hot!” Grint put his tea down on the beam they were sitting on. Sniff put his finger into the cup and measured its temperature.
“Nah, that’s okay, just be careful drinking it.” He took his finger out and continued to eat and wipe his nose.
“Drinking it? I’m not drinking that now. You put your finger in it!” Even the stupid spotted the obvious.
“Okay…” Sniff picked up the cup, measured his finger against the cup, and drank that much from the cup. “See, I’ve drunk that bit now.” He passed the cup back to Grint.
“Oh.” He seemed happy with the result. “But what about my drink? You drank most of it.”
“How about a pixie stick?” Sniff rummaged through his backpack.
“Yeah, that’s com…pen….that’ll do.” It took him time to find words, but long ones were pointless. Sniff took out a pixie stick, a tiny miniscule example of a pixie stick. “Err, that’s a bit small for a pixie stick, ain’t it?”
“Err…” Sniff wiped his nose with his finger.”Nah, it’s just very, very, far away.”
“Oh...right.” Grint was working on the math. “How long will it take to get here?”
“Oh, at least a few seconds, here it comes,” Sniff slowly brought the pixie stick closer and closer. “It’s coming, it’s coming,” closer and closer, “and here it is!” Sniff put it into Grint’s anticipating open mouth, and Grint gleefully began to chew on it. Grint was at first happy, then realising its true size, was a bit disappointed. Shrugging his shoulders, he crunched on it in his mouth and ate it, gone in one gulp.

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