Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why 'Man by a Tree'?

That's what people ask me. Not that they read the book, just they're curious about the title. The books on the market with 'tree' in the title aren't so...interesting. But...
1. The title 'Man by a tree' is one translation of my original family name from my original ancestral place. Other translations are 'man by oak tree', or 'folk by a tree'.
2. The book 'Man by a tree' is about us monkeys. Humankind, after thousands of years of civilization, is still only a step away from their origins in the trees. We are still standing 'by a tree'. Look around, see the shallowness surrounding you...
3. The image of a man by a tree shows loneliness, being alone. There are even some scenes in the book where the main character, Graham Reader, is alone with trees.
4. And there is, of course, the obvious reason, if you have a copy in your hand, that is. You are a 'man' (long ago, 'women' were also called 'men') 'by' a 'tree' (paper is wood)
I've been told it takes a few pages to warm to the book and its style, but once you're in, you're in. Shame not many sales, there's a lot of things said in the book, and I'm not talking about Chapter 2 or 3.

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