Thursday, January 3, 2013

569 pages? You're crazy, Orion!

I got a book for Christmas. William Napier 'Attila the Judgement'.
It's a 3rd person POV (point of view) Historical fiction about the Romans and Atilla the Hun. It's strange, it doesn't know where it's going in terms of style, it keeps changing from one paragraph to the next, you get a really nice flowing paragraph and it ends in a stinky sentence which is way out of style. The dialogue to cliche too, then rude, then so unreal.
The story is good, though there are too many coincidences for it to work right. And the story kinda loses strength after Part One. Plus at one point one Roman called Knuckles struggles to kill one single Hun, then suddenly he can kill hundreds with his bare hands and club, crushing skulls, etc. Just like a Hollywood blockbuster. So what is this book? Who knows?
Head jumping happens a bit, too, even more irritating than when I do it. At least when I do it, there's a break of some sort.
AND on page 181, suddenly from out of the blue comes a 1st person POV (point of view). Where did that come from? It continues on for I don't know how long, I stopped on page 183..of 569 pages?!
Do I read on? Only because I can't find my 'Catcher in the Rye' at the moment...
I can't believe this book got a publisher. Who is it? Orion! Jesus! Someone in their office has a screw loose. Congratulations to William Napier, though, he got a 3 book deal from them! Which is more than what I could...

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