Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Article and NEW interview!

Yes, Paul Dorset (John Cox) allowed me to add an article to his blog. It's about 'Good' literature and how to 'assess' it. I can't reproduce it here, so here's the link :-)
I also had an interview last night with Justin Bienvenue, he's put it on his website here...but I'm the 2nd of 3000 on the same page, which will change in a day or two, and he's spelt my name wrong (D.A. Caile) here it is...

Interview with D.A (??) Caile.

1. I haven’t come across many writers of Humor, what can you tell us about it and what it’s like for you to write about?

I didn't choose to write humor, it chose me. I wanted to write serious literature, full of prose and heart, so deep, so wonderful. But when I tried, I found myself laughing. It wasn't me, I'm sardonic, I can't write seriously. So I wrote sardonically, and this strange quirky corny style appeared. I felt proud of it, so I stuck to it.

2. Care to tell us about your recent novel and your other distinct works?

I have 3 books and a free novella out at the moment, all based on the same quirky universe using the same basic characters throughout the series, ie. Satan, God, hobgoblins, angels, monkeys…sorry, humans, and plenty of anti-heros. Due to interviews such as this one, people are starting to wake up to them. I'm also working on my 4th book at the moment, 'Manna-X', and it's going well. My free novella 'TDX2' is still available for download if anyone's interested :-)

3. What is it like to write about Fantasy Fiction?

You can create your own world in fantasy fiction, bend the rules. When I first wrote in my style, I got stuck but then I realised, it's fantasy, anything goes, use your imagination and ideas. So I did. Now the words 'unique, original, different' appear among comments made by my readers.

4. How has being an English teacher and proofreading come in handy and helped you in your writing as an author?

Teaching English helps with my own lousy use of grammar and lexicon, and it also gives me an opportunity to 'play' with the language. Sometimes a student says something strange and it sparks off a crazy idea. Proofreading hasn't helped, though, I can't seem to edit my own work!

5. What type of publishing do you usually go with and how has the experience been for you?

Self-publishing. I have no patience to wait until forever to get a rejection letter from those publishers who are open for submissions. I have a tiny reader base, which has a chance to grow…any day now…I'm sure of it…almost positive…, and I'm happy to self-publish and give them and myself the opportunity to read what I have written. Those who've read all my books can't wait for the next one.

6. Is there a certain trait or theme you always try to incorporate into your novels?

Perhaps that good wins over evil, not so believeable, I know. Ever heard of 'conceptual continuity'? It was a Zappa thing, and that's what I always try to incoporate, links between books, kind of inside jokes. Or using the same characters, ie. Sniff and Grint, the hobgoblins, or my favourite, Graham Reader, the Grim Reaper.

7. I noticed you keep track of votes and downloads of your books, I myself do the same sometimes, Why do you think this is important as an author to do?

As a small self-published author, I'm 'on my own', I don't have editors and agents and a large publishing firm behind me. Keeping up with any information about my writing 'career' allows myself and my readers to be in the picture about what's going on. Every download and vote is important to my 'well-being'.

8. Where do you get the inspiration for some of your humorous quirky stories?

From my environment, my surroundings, what I read, what I see, I experience. The best thing for me is to forget about writing and live. Then things happen. Strange things. Or is it just me?

9. Since you’re a man of humor got any good jokes or a funny tale to share with us?

Ha! A tale? I don't know about funny, but typical, and it's real. A couple's internet goes on the blink, it takes the service provider 4 months to send out an engineer. Engineers come out but can't find the manhole cover for the cable. The council dig a hole in the pavement for the engineer to sort out the cable. After one week, the council fill the hole up again. One hour later, the service provider engineer comes to sort out the cable and finds no hole, so he leaves. Months go by with lots of calls and finally another engineer appears. He climbs the electricity pylon.
"Where ya goin'?"
"Up the pole. The cable's up here."

10. What have you found to be a solid factor in the writing and making of a quality novel?

Ooo, tricky. First, stick to Freytag's pyramid, it's a winner. And second, write from your own experience, make it real, all your dialogues, actions, descriptions. No pretending, no 'fakeness'. Other than that, in my opinion it's all subjective. Thanks for questions :-)


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