Monday, January 28, 2013

Update on Everything! TDX2, Not Me, books, articles, intervierws...

Update on everything :-)
My new little free novella 'TDX2' on is now on...
TDX2 - 92 downloads, 4 libraries, 60 'Likes'
Francine, a devil of a reviewer on Goodreads (174 reviews, all VERY honest) wrote...
I read the novella I told you I would, TDX2, I put it up under my reviews. I loved it, was funny. I'll add it to my blog later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for letting me read it!
Her review was 4 out of 5 stars...
A humourous romp through the afterlife! A lot of fun to read, had me laughing out loud a lot of times and other times wondering if I'd end up like the main character, too dull to die!
I also got 1 review from Anita (thanks) 5 out of 5 stars...
Good story, worth to read it. Dani's books are smart, funny and give you a new perspective. I've read them all, can't wait for the next one.
But I got 2 out 5 stars from a Goodreads member :-( ...then I saw how she (I'm guessing) rated other books, lots of 2s and 3s. She gave 'Catch 22'  3 can you do that?? Anyway, this is going to happen, not everyone's going to like it.

My 99 cents Kindles are rated like this now...
Rage - Kindle rating : 515,539
Beth - Amazon. com Kindle rating: 627,689
MBAT Amazon. com Kindle rating: 995,550
Trilogy Amazon. com Kindle rating:1,284,612

And my 55 word story on Austin Briggs website has: +65 from 71 votes (3 voted minus) with 2 comments...
Akos commented: How can you be sure it was you? What if it wasn’t? Funny short one. Make more:-)))
Carl commented: That was a funny story

I'm also waiting on 1 article and 1 new interview from Paul Dorset's website :-) The article is about 'good' literature and how subjective it all is, and the interview is :-)

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