Friday, January 18, 2013

Napier's Attila again...

I gave William Napier's 'Attila the Judgement' another chance, and it's a nice little romp through The Roman's Eastern Empire - so far, because it's almost 600 pages, a brick by comparison, and won't take a day to read.
BUT I hate Priscus The author takes on this character as his 1st person Point of View, speaking through this pompous Roman 'tutor'. There are really nice pieces of writing, smooth, adventure style, broken by the occasional shitty dialogue (but I've got used to Napier's dialogue voice), then suddenly there's a passage where Priscus (sounds like a disease or facial wart) takes over - I have to put the book down at that point and start again some other time.
So, other than Priscus, a weak 3 out of 5 read so far, like most of the reviews (7 out of 22) on Amazon, but definitely not worth the six 5* reviews it got.

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