Saturday, January 12, 2013

Too Dull to Die FREE ebook!

Yes, I finally put TDX2 (too dull to die) online as a free ebook, at Smashwords...
Had 7 downloads within the 1st hour, so at least 7 people had a look. If you downloaded it and there was no cover picture, download it again, it has one now :-) Smashwords didn't accept my first cover, so I had to resize it, took a little time.
The 3 books are also available very cheap in Kindle format, $0.99 on and £1.02 on
My 2nd interview is still there, as is my 1st inteview.

Still 'thinking' about the 4th book, it's getting there, becoming a mass of words in my mind, a search for...:-)

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