Saturday, January 12, 2013

When Guido meets God...

TDX2 (Too Dull to Die) is now FREE to download at Smashwords (just saying again). For those who are concerned about downloading something which might 'contaminate' them or make them think or even possibly make them's a snippet from the conversation between Guido and God almost at the end of the story. Cut a bit need to 'download' it, you know :-)


“So, there’s no connection between you and say, the Bible?” God laughed.
“Tell me Guido, who wrote that book? Did I?”
“I’m sure it would be a better read if I’d written it.” God picked up Guido’s form again. “It would have more jokes in it, for a start..."

...“Looking at this form of yours, I wouldn’t call you bad. I’d call you…dull, sad even.”
“Dull? Sad?”
“Yes, Guido. You see, there’s something special about the time you can spend in the physical universe, there are natural ‘points’ in your allowed time where you can experience certain aspects of life to some degree, perhaps even to the full, with opportunities to expand your understanding and knowledge of both the positive and negative things in life, like love, laughter, success, hate, envy, abandonment, failure, to name but a few.” God looked at Guido’s shape and form, unchanged since dying. ”It seems you missed out on every single one of these. That takes talent, and some effort. You’ve experienced everything, of course, it would be impossible not to, but you seem to have miraculously experienced them all to the least.”
“When you say it like that, I feel such a loser.”

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