Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2 things a writer needs...

1 thing a writer needs...
1. readers!

2 things a writer needs to write...
1. a writing skill
2. an interesting story

The first can be learnt, the second cannot.
The story should flow like water...
I always get this comment..."I'm not a fan of this genre, but I had to keep reading..." I think that means I may have both.
I remember Jo Lynn's first attempt at her Editor's Desk book "Who Killed the President?" She had the 2nd but not the 1st. Now, of course, over 6 months down the line, she got it, it's VERY good.
Another, new guy, Dieter Keller, who commented on 'Manna-X', he has the 2nd and is working on the 1st...he will get there :-)

Unfortunately, that's not the whole story. You need good maerketing, too. Reviews, interviews and good artwork...which I still haven't got...:-(
I found Skottie Young's work here...
It's great, just right for the books, but...
1. he's busy
2. said no one would do it for free... "need to put bread on the table"
...I hear ya, Skottie!

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