Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back Page comments

I'm a killer for back page comments on my books :-) Some of you haven't seen them, I'm sure, as you'd need to buy the Print version to see them. I also have a 'swear free zone' label on the back. So, here they are, those writers (and their books) who were so nice to allow me to print what they said :-)
Man by a tree
"The sole purpose of a book is to be read"...err, sorry, that one's me :-)
"Sharp, dark and sardonic are rarely found wrapped in a single package" Greg Levin (Notes on an Orange Burial). Greg was the 2nd to make me believe in my writing, though he still hasn't followed me on twitter!
"I've fallen in love" Bryn Hammond (Amagalant). A strange Australian writer with an even stranger writing style - I love it!
"a damned good tale" Fredrik Nath (The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller). Fred was the FIRST person to ever comment on any of my writing. And his is fantastic! He even put Man by a tree on his own website.
The Bethlehem Fiasco
"Irreverent, quirky and fun" Fredrik Nath (The Cyclist - A World War II Thriller). Yes, Fred was so nice, he even gave me a comment for my 2nd book :-)
"...a light and breezy read..." Iso Nuys (Paid on Return) Sadly, I can't find his book anywhere. it was VERY good.
"I loved it!" Dave Tarragon (The Chemo Diairies) Dave changed to Dave Crews, and this book can only be seem in part on It's a true story, well worth a read!
The Rage of Atlantis
"Hilarious" Eponymous Rex (Bot). Bot was the fastest moving book on EVER. It's one hell of a read. Here is the Amazon link to BOT . He also put Man by a tree on his website
"Amazing" J.T. Bennett (Four Corners) Man of few words, nice book, too.
"Flash Gordon meets Water-world" Karen Bates (Faking it in France) Great book about living in France :-)
"Wow" Jo Lynn (Who Killed the President?) I remember when this book was an unreadable draft, and only recently, it hit No.1 on Now a damn fine read. I don't think it's in print yet, though.
"Heck, I'd buy it." Leon Gower (Universal Constance) Actually, I don't think he ever did, but at least he said he would...:-)
...this post took am hour to put together, hope you enjoyed it :-)

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