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Friday, March 22, 2013

Zir and the Anti-book

I love Waiting for Godot, in my honest opinion, Beckett's masterpiece. And that's what I try to reach, my masterpiece. As far as I can say, they've ALL been mastepieces :-)~ Well, someone has to believe, why not me?
Anyway, my latest, Manna-X, is growing, or more specifically, Zir is growing. Who is Zir? He is bad. Very bad, even worse than those guys in 'Rage'. Satan, the devil, is just a character created from religious thought, but Zir encompasses the empathetic evil of the universe, Zir IS the tonal, the flow, above words, names, good and bad, Zir IS. Zir will grow like a plague in the book. He starts off as one sentence, then a paragraph, until he becomes a full blown character, the evilest piece of work ever. But don't take it out on him, he's just what he is.
And there is a structure growing in my head for the book, very different from the others. MBAT is a mesh of plots culminating in a volcanic end, BF follows one poor guy through to the end, Rage has roads leading to final destruction, while Manna-X is like a 'anti-book'...:-) But you'll love it, you won't feel a thing :-)

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