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Monday, March 18, 2013

Manna-X snippet :-)~

Just had to :-)~

"Oh come on guys…"
"When in Rome." All three were sitting on large mangalicas, smelly long-haired wild pigs, a kolbasz speciality, Ekron brandishing his short fat hobgoblin sword on a red-haired monster, Sniff wiping his nose continuously on the neck of his white beast, whereas Grint was crushing a black grunt and eating some rancid chicken he'd found on the way. Graham turned his pale horse back towards their target, shaking his head.
"When are you guys going to take anything seriously?"
"How about now, dead boy." Ekron smacked his pig on it's hind and it gave a screech before speeding off to its prey. Sniff and Grint's rides rallied to its call, they held on as all three sped past Graham. Grint lost his chicken.
"Does anyone have a spare sandwich or casserole?"
"Hey! Wait up!" Graham kicked his ride and in no time had passed the strange looking trio and was heading straight for the clearing where Zir held Fiona hostage.

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