Monday, March 18, 2013

Romance Post

Yes, I know I do quirky sardonic comedy, but there was once a time when 'Man by a tree' was going to be a 'love story'...but as with 'serious literature', I couldn't pull it off, I either kept laughing at my own writing or vomiting. I read other authors' attempts at romance and I just can't keep a straight face. Knowing what's behind the secret out? No. No one understands. Good. The illusion hasn't been broken yet. Shhh.
Anyway, there's a character in 'Man by a tree' called Sarah, and readers don't get her until...the end. There was a part of the book I cut out in the 'final' draft (if there is such a thing) about a 'romance' but it didn't fit the book, the story or the style.
In 'Bethlehem Fiasco' there was a friendship between Jesus and his 'old man' - yes, a phallic reference, but no relationship with Mary, sorry, the 'old man' has that - yes, ANOTHER phallic reference.
In 'Rage' there were many friendships, including one between Sipho and a female dolphin, Kang Dee, but no romance.
Now, in 'Manna-X', there's going to be a sort-of-relationship between Graham and Fiona...well, Fiona thinks there will be / might's going to be interesting to write it...started and it can go any way...:-)
And THANKS for the 6000 views!!! This blog is getting anywhere from 20-120 views per day. May we go on to the big 10k :-))

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