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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Two cars totally trashed...(biting)

My 1st book 'Man by a tree' is a favourite of a lot of my readers...yes, there are now a lot more readers than I can count on my fingers :-)...I had a little read of it the other day and it's filled with good stuff - how did I do that?
Anyhow, I remember when I first 'put it out', a lot of other writers said the phrase "Two cars totally trashed" which starts Part 1 scene 2 wasn't smooth enough, it had to be changed. Well, it's not meant to be smooth, it's meant to bite! Have you ever felt moving metal hit your soft skin? It isn't pleasant. When you have a car, plane or motorbike accident, the pain includes that 'biting' metal, that feeling which makes you realise that your body isn't bullet-proof, isn't immortal. One nice slice of 'fast moving' metal against your skin and you know about it. So, in that phrase, I tried to encapsule that feeling, and I think I have...check out the book :-)

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