Monday, April 8, 2013

Insane post

Yes, finally, someone said 'Rage' was insane - in a postive way, of course. Along with a lot more worrying (for that reader) issues. I had a difficult time writing it, compared to the first 2. Now I see with 'Manna-X' that there are different processes of writing, and so far all 4 of my books have taken a different writing process to complete. Lots of 'different' there.
But I love the way things just link together, pieces fall into place. Maybe as a reader you can't see this. I like writing complex plots with hidden messages that make people think. There are a few books I'm reading from other authors and they're so linear, like my 'TDX2' freebie. For me, that was a rest, to see if I could win a competition (I never win competitions), and then it's just a nice linear example of my writing. 137 downloads.
I also entered a 99word competition (link later) and Austin Briggs 55 worder again. My first 'Not Me' is the first to receive 100 votes, and 87 were thumbs up!
Still writing 'Manna-X'....:-)

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