Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Voting System for Austin Briggs 55-er

About early/mid March, I noticed in one day that every 55 word story went down by anything from 5 to 10 votes, making some 55 word stories -5, which is ludicrous. I don't particularly like a lot of the stories, in fact only a few, but I thought something fishy was going on.
I mentioned to Austin Briggs that something was going on, and he was trying to find out how to change it.
In the meantime, I stayed active, voting with my anonymous 1-vote-per-story, mostly 'thumbs-down' (it was my right to vote any way I liked).
Then the person who I thought had begun the 'dirty deed' accused ME of minusing down all the 55 word stories, as he thought I was using some infinite-IP address browser and he found out somehow that it was me. I researched this and there's no way anyone can find out someone's personal name from an IP address. I searched my own IP address and got the address of my internet supplier. Unless, of course, a hacker can get that type of info, therefore the accuser is a lot smarter than me at computers...get my drift?
Anyway, finally Austin Briggs changed the voting system. And then banned me from the site.
I have 2 April 55 word stories. Vote for both of them, if you want :-)

Both stories are excerpts from my new book 'Manna-X'...the draft is 95% finished...

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