Friday, April 19, 2013

A few sales! And discrimination?

A BIG thank you to those who bought 'Bethlehem Fiasco' yesterday, whoever you are! You paid in dollars, that's all I know...
Anyway, you may not know but Hungary is suffering from a Dictatorship, and the 'reigning' political party has a majority in Parliament and can change the CONSTITUTION of the country without any qualms, destroying Democracy and doing silly little things like restricting English learning in state schools (as the Education Miinister is a Francophile saying English is too easy - Why can't Mr. Viktor Orbán speak English, then? He can? Have you heard him? By all accounts it's terrible.). They even have control of the television - yes, CENSORSHIP.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've been looking around for a job, and today I didn't get a job because I'm a Taoist....???
Now, the thing is, I'm not a Taoist. One of my hobbies on my CV, other than writing, is practising Taoist Tai Chi, a health exercise, for myself and 95% of members it has absolutely nothing to do with Taoism, in fact most (if not all) of the leaders of this world organisation are Christian, with an interest in Taoism.
I replied saying I wasn't a Taoist...and now I'm still in the race for the job...hang on a cotton picking minute (always wanted to write that)! That's religious deicrimination. I'm looking into it.
BUT it did give me a few ideas for 'Manna-X', which was nice...:-)

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