Thursday, May 2, 2013

No need for fanatics...

Before I go off on a rant, I just wanna say, congratulations for Jasper T. Scott on his successful launch of his new book 'Dark Space'. He's just tweeted that he had over 2500 downloads!
If I could get even a minute quantity of those numbers, I'd be happy! TDX2, my free novelette, is at 146 downloads, and 'Lejöttünk?' (only the 1st 4 small parts of MBAT in Hungarian..almost half the 1st day of 7) has had 123 views.

Still battling with my destroyed master document of 'Manna-X', what with it's missing bits. I'm at 28,000 words with the 1st read and hit a few things to 'iron out'. Just can't wait to release it...okay, don't all shout at once!

And now a little rant...Hungary has banned (limited) the use of certain symbols, the swastika, arrow cross, red star and hammer & sickle...maybe that should be the 'Sziget' festival T-shirt for this year...just to confuse those left and right wing people...we need fanatics and politics like we need organised religions...NOT! (As they used to say in the 90s)


  1. Nice T-shirt! I'll buy you a Sziget ticket if you promise me to wear it all night long :)


    1. ...with a nice 'seggfejek!' at the bottom...DEATHWISH :-)