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Monday, May 6, 2013

Manna-X 1st edit is ready!

Yes, the 1st edit of 'Manna-X' is done and my first 'beta-reader' is reading it as we speak. It's hard for a writer to assess their own work, and my 1st reader is a very busy person at this moment, he's 'becoming famous' right now. Good luck to him! I'm so envious! (I'm sure you all know who I'm referring to).
And now it comes down to on Amazon is what I need, so I guess I'd better find more 'beta-readers'...
How do I feel about the book? I don't think I could have gone any further than I did, this is quite possibly the 'oddest' thing I've ever written. There were some parts I laughed out loud at, and that's after reading it for about the 10th time. There are some lines which are direct references to great works of literature, and only those who know will know...and there are some which are connected to trash/popular films. I think it's all in this one, the humor, the quirkiness, the seriousness, the strangeness, the classics... maybe this is the one which will go 'all the way'...'that's the way they go'....:-)

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