Sunday, May 5, 2013


Yes, the title of this post is 'ill'...I have a temperature ATM.
Found 'Jim Jam' on my TV...there's a program with 2 white puppet seals, they find things and put them on their heads...I can't believe someone got paid for that...then there's 'Kipper', those ducks in the pond should be twice the size, those animals are always throwing food at them...and then there's....blah blah...but 'The Mighty Jungle', luv it! That's what my old project 'Let's Go' should've looked like, and not the dark, miserable, Hunglish (Hungarian English) crap that Project Manager turned it into...
I'm ill, I need to work, need to edit, need to get ready for final exams, etc. but all I can do is use my last few brain cells and 3 remaining fingers to type this post up...:-)

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