Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jesus was a stand up comedian!

Only a few more hits to the 10,000! Hello India!
Perhaps this will do it...
For the past few months, someone's been dropping little pieces of paper which have "Jesus lives" and "Jesus is King" written on them. Just down one street, my street. Do they know something? Is it someone I know? 'Bethlehem Fiasco' is a great little read if you ever get the chance...
Thinking about it, perhaps Jesus was a stand up comedian! He turned water into wine? Healed the sick? Perhaps it was his presence, you know some people, when they walk into a room, make you feel fantastic, they have 'presence', they make you feel great. Perhaps Jesus was someone like that, they made the people feel so good that outsiders thought they were drinking wine rather than water...
Oh, it's just a tiny little thought, nothing serious. But if I'd said that a few 100 years ago, I would've been burned at the stack, after having my [censored] and my [censored]...churches and religions, huh. "No one expects the Spanish In...!"

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