Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Comment about 'Manna-X' (authonomy 16 July 2013)

It's all happening...
Got 100 votes (so far) for my 500 word story in the Iron Writer Summer Open. 3rd place in my group of 4, though...the leader has 144 votes, but he's been in the writing business for over 30 years! Not my first 'loss'...

Anyway, got a nice comment on from a...
Charles Knightley...

Dani J Caile

A fast paced prologue which hooked me. The next few chapter were full of wry humour, but what have you got against Tom Cruise? Your scenes with God and Michael with Gabriel and then Moses was a laugh.
In chapter three, by bipedals did you mean bipeds? Or is there some hidden meaning?
All in all a good read which has been very well written and I've highly starred.

Charles Knightley
The Secret of Netley Abbey

(at No.4, ready for the Editor's Desk!)

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