Sunday, July 14, 2013

Stage 1: Iron Writers Summer Open Update

Looks like I lose, probably get 4th place too, but at this moment in time with 4 days left...
1st place - 105 - A guy who's been writing since 1977, tons of books, tons of readers/groups
2nd place - 78 - nice story
3rd place - 63 - me, with a really great story about the BBC
4th place - 48 - nice story
So, Iron Writer is 'who you know' and not 'what you know'...
Just been to England for 2 weeks, read a bit, watched a bit, went to a few places, such as the House of Commons to watch a debate, it was very interesting but their'd expect them to be better than that. Madame Ts toilets were the worst, you pay a lot of money to get in and then get a cupboard for a toilet.
Reading "Black Elk Speaks", and "Dark Space2", and a few other ebooks ATM.
Waiting on some more reviews...
My favourite Literature lecturer read 'Man by a tree' the other week, and thought it was good, she caught most of the classics in it and said..."Once started I just couldn't put it down, I had this
uncontrollable urge to keep going."

She'd give a 5 star when/if she writes a review :-)
And you? How are you doing with my books?
DO you have any thoughts on my 500 word stories? I will be bringing out a cluster of them for FREE on Smashwords later.

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