Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Some success...OK, a little...

The 1 day promo from was a small success, a got a few sales on
It's nice, this is probably my most successful month in sales, due to free promos, interviews, the promo.
In October, all of my ebooks will be FREE on the 14th and 15th, as there will be another website who will promote me on the get more readers is the aim :-)
My latest Hungarian translator has finally started to look at 'Manna-X' and he says good things :-)
AND...I was a judge on Iron Writer's 1st ever Grudge Match, it was a one horse race, really. But now it looks like I'll participate in Grudge Match 2, as I have been 'officially insulted' (a bit of fun)...AND I'll be in the Autumn Solstice Open...AND I'm writing up "How to build a castle in 7 easy steps" (slowly)...busy :-)

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