Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The real gold at the end of the rainbow?

A bit of a quite time for me, finished making amendments to 'Macbeth' Dani J Caile / ESL learners style, and the students can't wait to try it out. I got more students than I needed so I had to add it's great...about 5-10 minutes when performed, hopefully.
Today I found out that the reason someone didn't say 'Hi' yesterday was because they were reading 'Dani's Shorts' on their phone...
...And another friend was very angry / upset this morning, and while travelling to work on public transport, they read a bit of 'Manna-X' (the Moses-Reg bit) and it made them feel much better :-)
The BIGGEST reasons I write is to 1. make people think and 2. give them some entertainment. It looks like I succeeded :-) I'm happy :-)
Tomorrow starts a 2 day FREE promo for 'Rage' has three out of three 5 star reviews...SPREAD the WORD, wherever you are, wherever you work, spread it, I'd like to reach a milestone, perhaps even break into the #1000 free ebooks on knows?
Dolphins Forever!!

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