Friday, October 11, 2013

I might do this a lot more often :-)

Some playas is sick...

My fuckin playa Peter is dunkadelic fo' realz. And his chipmunk. Peter wants ta translate a funky-ass book n' git it up in Hungarian bookshops. I applaude his muthafuckin ass. I hope da ruffneck do dat shit. Well shiiiit, it would be wonderful! I sit up in anticipation.
I have thug playas. They is dunkadelic. They CAN write n' have hit dat shiznit hard n' gotz a gangbangin' following, one of dem now writes full-time biaaatch! They even give me encouragement n' say I should be hyped already :-)
I 'belong' ta Iron Writas n' they just pimped out son!
I have thug acquiantances...enough bout em...
I have readers. They're pimped out son! Some even give me props, n' most tell me how tha fuck much they enjoyed mah books, n' wanna read more.
Then I have...well, phat luck.
New book is comin along fine. It aint nuthin but healin sickly.

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