Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Publishers are getting it wrong!

Read the beginning of a paperback a friend passed to me for my child. It's complete poison, I would never allow my children to read such garbage. The writer is meant to be a great children's writer too...
This is where publishers are getting it wrong, finding writers who keep to their own expectations (in this case Harper Collins 'Christian' values), and giving them 'forever' contracts to churn out book after book of complete shit while others such as myself who are trying to break barriers are dying in the wilderness! THis 'writer' has over 100 published books, including 'War Horse' which has almost 400 5 star reviews...all I can guess is that there's a POV in there of a humanistic horse - yep, that's exactly what it is...unbelievable...ANIMALS DON'T THINK LIKE HUMANS! In fact, humans think like animals - catch my latest book when I finish it.

Here's my 1 star review of 'Sparrow: The Story of Joan of Arc' by Michael Morpurgo

I was given a copy of this for my child as it is said that this writer is a good children's writer. This book is tripe. Chapter 1 is written in a POV of a young girl who is so unrealistic it's unbelievable, Chapter 2 is written in a humanistic bird POV - animals don't think like humans, wake up, Chapter 3 is written in the POV of a young Joan of Arc who feels like she's British living in France hating the British and talking to Chapter 2's humanistic bird...I lost it there.
It can be seen that this writer has a good team behind him: publisher, editor, proofreader, but this book is complete garbage. While searching for this book on Amazon to write this review, I saw that this book is from a long line of 'animal/young child' books...I am glad I read it before passing this poison to my child.

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