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Monday, December 9, 2013


Changed my December WEBook entry into One POV...I'll still have to work on that, there's a strange bit about 'kicking' in there....(here it is)
Just saw a nice picture about comparing the synopsis of Harry Potter and Star people are only just realising? (here it is). And what about Star Wars and Lord of the Rings? I'll have a look at that later.

Volunteering...I used to belong to a 'voluntary' organisation, where the 'master' said that doing so created 'better people'...but...doing things you like to do doesn't bring change, it only boosts your ego, so beware of the volunteer, they will only go deeper into themselves. Doing things you don't like to do, however, will bring change, as it breaks your barriers/boundaries and allows you the opportunity to grow. Embrace those who are reluctant to volunteer, or better yet, ask for volunteers BEFORE setting the task - those ones clean the toilets :-) (hehe)

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