Monday, December 9, 2013

The deeper picture...

Yes, my books are entertaining, whimsical, a little nuts, but they also have a deeper thing going on...just wanted to say.
The 1st, Man by a tree, works on self-sacrifice, unwilling at first - nothing worse than a volunteer who wants to volunteer - who learns from that?
The 2nd, Bethlehem Fiasco, works on martyrdom - again, nothing worse than someone who wants to become one.
The 3rd, Rage, works on complete destruction - start again, you never know, it might be good the next time...
The 4th, Manna-X, works on insanity - if you can't beat the system, leave it.
The 5th, How to..., well, you'll see, still finishing off the skeleton :-)
So, there you go, not just cliches, references to classics and 1000 year-old jokes :-)

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