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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One more day countdown

One more day and the VOTING CAMPAIGN begins :-) With the Autumn Open Final, I thought I had a chance because I had the most votes in the Elimination Round...but the eventual winner was only holding back. Now, with the Winter Open Final, I know the 'power' of the other 3 authors, and anything is possible.
Today I also did 2 things...
1. Sorted out the remainder of 'How to', putting it all in order - but not writing it all up yet, that's still a week away, the skeleton.
2. Started TIW Relay T2 with 150 words (see below)...which gave me an excellent idea for my Brad Shaw novelette, a cheesey detective thriller!
Here's the 150 words (but these will be revamped/changed a little in the novelette)

Nothing worked. The dreary comedy on cable, some cool jazz music on his 4 track, the book he'd bought months ago from the Antiquarium because he loved the cover but hadn't had time to read. He still had that feeling. Something wasn't right. Pouring a brandy, he watched the seconds hand on his kitchen clock. Somewhere something...his mobile phone rang. It was an unknown number, landline. He picked it up and stared out through his lounge window into the night, overlooking the flats opposite.
"Hello, Todd here."
"Mr. Lehr, I think I may have something which would interest you."
The voice on the other end wasn't familiar, in fact it sounded alien, like some voice effect was being used.
"Who is this?"
He was sure the voice sniggered hoarsely, away from their handset.
"That is not important. What is, however, is what I am about to say."
Todd listened intently.

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