Friday, April 25, 2014

"Beth" ESL Shakespearean play 25th April 2014 :-)

I wrote a short comedy version of 'the Scottish play' called "Beth" and it was finally played by the ESL 7th formers to a school audience today. I re-wrote Macbeth, murdered it, broke its legs off, and fed it to 11 Hungarian teenagers. The performance? Not bad for a bunch of kids who live on their phones. Though I think they need a lesson from the David Attenborough School of Acting...yes, David, not Richard...."And Hine's Emerald dragonfly...has a shorter lifespan...than the takes...for of my sentences."
Here it is if you're curious...(who the hell that guy at the beginning is, I have no idea...)
(I've had to take off the link for the moment until I get permission from ALL the children) :-(
On another note, I am now surrounded by writers who've 'made' it! Every week I get to hear about another who has become so successful from this publishing business that it makes me sick with envy! I congratulate those who have 'made' it! But...when will it be my turn? When will someone read my stuff and decide 'this is the one'? When can I join those 'risen' folks?


  1. I have writer friends who make me feel like a slug...

  2. Put a shell on yer back, and you've got a home :-)
    In Hungarian, 'slug' can be literally translated to 'homeless snail' :-)